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Our corporate mission is to create and deliver healthier solutions through dependable products, thoughtful innovations, and impeccable service. That mission includes our commitment to environmental stewardship and the health and safety of our employees and customers. 

The mission of our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) team and policies is to create and maintain safe workplaces for all employees, and to help ensure that our operations and products comply with applicable regulatory requirements. We carry out our EHS mission in three important ways:

We Care
In the PBI-Gordon family of companies we care about the health and safety of our employee owners in all our offices and facilities. We take pride in our training programs and daily emphasis on safe practices and employee engagement. Our goal is that every employee works safely so he or she gets home safely to his or her family each day. 

We Comply
Environmental stewardship is important to us in our business, our facilities, and in partnership with our suppliers and customers. Our EHS and regulatory specialists work hard to understand, communicate, and comply with the product safety and environmental regulations applicable to our industry, and we value integrity and innovation in meeting the needs of the marketplace. 

We Connect
We appreciate the communities within which we operate and do our best to contribute as employees and a company. For example, we are proud to employ hundreds of talented, hard-working people in several communities. And we like to share our success by giving back through community projects, corporate sponsorships, and through our employee-ownership.