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PBI-Gordon Clarifies Azatrol Use in Oregon

For Immediate Release
June 28, 2017

In response to a recent Pesticide Stop Sale and Removal from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) related to Azatrol® EC Insecticide and Azatrol Hydro Botanical Insecticide (collectively referred to as Azatrol products) PBI-Gordon Corporation is issuing the following facts about the product label, use, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards:

The Azatrol products are not labeled for use in the production of cannabis, and PBI-Gordon does not promote the products' use for this purpose.

Both Azatrol products contain the active ingredient azadirachtin, which is an extract from neem seeds. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) lists these products for organic use.

None of the five active ingredients cited in the ODA's advisory are used in the production of Azatrol. Only one of the active ingredients mentioned in the report was used by PBI-Gordon in the production and packaging of other products, and is not used in the production of Azatrol.

The ODA claim states the Azatrol samples tested by the ODA lab contained traces of other active ingredients not listed on the products' labels.

It is important to note, pending the results and validity of the lab tests, the levels of the five active ingredients (all insecticides) found by ODA all fall below the EPA PR Notice 96-8 standard for toxicological significance. As such, PBI-Gordon urges the ODA to reexamine how it defines "adulterated" products.

PBI-Gordon is cooperating fully with the ODA, and through an independent lab is conducting a separate reanalysis of Azatrol, to examine the possibility of trace levels of cross-contamination in the ODA's original product samples or in their testing lab.

PBI-Gordon asks all distributors and dealers in the state of Oregon to abide by the ODA order to immediately cease all Azatrol sales, offers of sale, or other distribution of the products.

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